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The Team
Here's who's working on Kingdom Archives!


Disturbo is the lore guy.

He recreates the emails and deals with minor archival.


Shiick is our dev!

He also does most of the transcription work.


KecMagik is our content editor.

She designs K.A. in her sleep.


TheyCallMeSpy is our 3D person.

He ports the models from the game files.

Special Thanks
We thank everyone that has helped us while building Kingdom Archives.
Thanks a lot to floxay, GameTimeGreg, Hanjosi, Lexiolty and RainbowShaggy!
Huge thanks to Jonass and Sindavar for their precious help for translations on the announcements.

We have a Ko-fi page, if you want to support us and help us to keep running Kingdom Archives.
We thank you infinitely for supporting us.