Agent communications

Agent communications are long audios left on The Range.

They are recordings of the communications from agents on a mission.

They inform the player about the current lore events.

"Bird's eye, this is Breach. How's the view?"
"Bird's eye to ground, the VLT/R owns the sky. What's your status?"
"It's another quiet night in Istanbul."
"Not anymore. Cypher to all stations, I have a signal. Our blackmailer is headed east, entering sector 4."
"Neon, this is Sova. Confirm you have target visual."
"Yup, gottem. They're entering... looks... like a warehouse."
"I see it. Ground team, collapse and converge on sector 4."
"Bird's eye on route. I'm descending to surveillance altitude."
"Let's do this."
"Closing the net."
"Chamber to team, I'm in sniper position on neighboring rooftop northwest of the warehouse."
"Do we have eyes inside?"
"Hmm... No internal feed? This bird's little nest is off the grid."
"Then we are in the right place."
"I'm scoping a skylight in the far corner. Possible access point."
"Leave that to me."
"Establish visual then hold for team execute. Do not engage target."
"Cypher, how is the emergency chatter."
"Nothing yet. We are ghost."
"Cypher's with me at the south garage."
"I've got north. Sova?"
"On the roof. Entering now."
"Sova, you've dropped off my visual, but beacon lock is holding. You are go."
"The eastern half is a warehouse. Ten aisles running north-south. Still no sign of target. I see offices on the western side. Empty. I'm moving in for drone recon."
"Negative, hold position. Sending Cypher in to join you."
"Deploying drone now."
"Negative Sova, hold position."
"There's a corridor. Doors on each side."
"Bird's eye to Sova. You are to hold your current position and wait for backup. Confirm order."
"I'm entering the first office."
"Jävlar." (Swedish for "dammit".)
"He can't hear us."
"Bird eye to Sova, do you read me? Sova come in. Respond."
"That is less than ideal."
"Cypher, Neon, advance to reestablish connection with Sova. Maintain stealth protocols."
"Electric locks on the gates."
"I got 'em."
"Let's find our friend."
"Teka- What was that?" ("Teka" means "wait".)
"You are both showing elevated vitals. I need a sit. rep."
"There's something in here. Trailing us. What is that?"
"Cypher watch out!"
"I can't see!"
"Neon? Where are you!"
"Cypher! Neon! Report!"
"KAYO we're blind in here. "
"Danger close, danger close!"
"Hang on, I'm coming in!"
"Bird's eye to Chamber! Do you have any visual?"
"Merde. Negative, adjusting angle. "
"On your ri-"
"Sova! Come in!"
"On your right!"
"I can't move! Get it off me..."
"Another one incoming!"
"Chamber's loaded, callout my targets!"
"Breach's 8 o'clock, ten meters!"
"Hah! Direct hit. Helvette!" ("Helvette" is swedish for "hell")
"Fall back. Fall back!"
"Moving up to reinforce."
"Chamber, it's on you!"
"Neon! Get out of there!"
"Wait! There they are!"
"The target's on the run! They're outside!"
"Setting VLT/R to auto! I'm going in."
"KAY/O negative, you're too high!"
"Freeze! Hands in the air!"
"Don't move!"
"Get 'em up! Now!"
"Target secured, ease down. We got her."
"Hold on. She was alone? "
"She's a Radiant."
"My scanner's picking up chatter. Police incoming."
"Something about this feels off."
"Of course it does. We didn't find the target, she brought us here."
"You think it was a trap?"
"Hey, we have to move."
"Order stand. Everyone rendezvous at the LZ. We're taking her back to base for interrogation. Move out."

"The more you talk now, the better I can guarantee your safety."
"This is something they say before putting a bullet between my eyes."
"No. No bloodshed here. I just want information."
"You just want revenge for how badly I embarrassed you."
"Only a little."
"So... What do you know about the VALORANT protocol?"
"More than you'd like."
"Indulge me."
"I know your operating guidelines, I know the location of your headquarters, I know your typical weapon loadouts, your RnD budget, the last 6 months of your mission archives and the leave requests for every agent that bothers to file them. Should I go on?"
"I'm impressed."
"Because I'm impressive."
"How did you do it?"
"I have ways."
"Such as?"
"Not every secret hunter needs a camera."
"Your radiant power? Of which I am now quite familiar."
"Your first communication to us, you mention someone was taken from you."
"I did."
"Care to explain?"
"Why should I? You know what you did."
"I do not. We are not in the business of kidnapping."
"How convenient."
"It's the truth. Whatever that means to you."
"If you didn't take him. Who did?"
"Let me tell you something, my friend. And listen to me well. There are other worlds than this. And now, we are getting somewhere..."

"That's affirmative convoy lead, REALM truck 4 out. Veer right at 200m, we're maintaining course."
"Copy that. Once we hit the highway, how far to the staging point?"
"Not far, Capt. Greaves said our target is passing the linchpin in 72 hours. We'll be ready."
"Hard to call Varun Batra a target."
"No kidding, he's a legend. Met him when I first signed up with REALM, smuggling ring bust in Algeria."
"Nicest guy you'll ever meet, assuming you're on the same side. Man is an absolute terror on the field."
"Really building confidence in the mission, sir."
"Easy now, after all this, Batra's as good as dead."
"How's this time any different from before?"
"Greaves is putting the budget to work. Regional fire support, access to their satellite network. Never seen him this wound up."
"That's one word for it. Why couldn't we run a capture op first? I mean, come on, live munitions."
"Greaves can have that conversation with REALM command."
"I don't believe it, whole thing's a shame, after all those years of service. Batra is a hero, not a traitor."
"He stole an artefact with power we've never seen before and tried to murder Greaves."
"Sure... If you believe Capt. Greaves."
"I'm choosing to ignore that juvenile and very dangerous statement. Eyes on the road, private."
"Yes, sir."

"And this is our research wing, you and I are going to spend a lot of time here."
"Hehe. At least it's near the kitchen."
"Now, that artifact. Let's have a look."
"Huuuh. Right here?"
"Chale. The time for traps has come and gone. No one is after your bracelet here. Trust me."
"I hope not. It's such a small thing, but there's so much power in it. I don't even know how."
"I do. See these engravings carved along the inside?"
"Yes m'am. I ran them against every record in the world linguistic archive. No matches."
"Because the script is not of Earth. It's in the language of The Guardians."
"The Guardians? So they're real..."
"And you can read it?"
"Only some. I am still learning."
"What do you recognize? Any touchstone words?"
"Guardian, flo-wer, gift, key."
"Key? I'd love to find a lock."
"Perhaps... Legion already has."
"What do you mean?"
"The knowledge left for me is vague. Incomplete. But the lock, I think it's a place. Something called "This Nexus", a lost city built by The Guardians. I could never find it."
"Because it's gone."
"Gone? Please explain."
"At REALM, I studied the city of flowers. Even tracked it down with a map we pulled out of Gulf of Khambhat. When I got there, well, it wasn't pretty."
"Worse. Decimated. Sabotaged. I couldn't even get close."
"Sabotaged by who?"
"I don't know. I'm sorry."
"Destroyed on Alpha. What about Omega? Maybe it's still there."
"Maybe and if Omega me activates this Nexus..."
"That is a question for Killjoy. Why don't we pay her a visit? Bring the relic."
"Yes m'am."

Skye, Astra, and Harbor are heard running through a forest-like environment.
"Astra, Harbor, how we looking?"
"We're almost there."
"The Atlas troops are gaining on us!"
"Course they are. Hold up!"
The agents come to a halt. Skye activates her healing trinket.
"How far to the lost city? Any chance we outrun 'em?"
"It's too far, we need a contingency plan."
"Whatcha got?"
"We'll hold them here."
"There's no time, we must move!"
"Right. You two keep going, I'll stay here, slow 'em down."
"Are you sure?"
"Only you two can open the gate. No wukkas, I'll handle it!"
"Go, good luck!"
"Be safe, Skye."
"Ah, you know me..."
Astra and Harbor continue on their journey, leaving Skye. Skye takes a deep breath in and out. Motorbikes can be heard approaching. Skye takes cover.
"This way, stay sharp."
"Sweeping the area."
"Keep it tight, keep it tight."
Skye begins silently eliminating Atlas troops without them being able to raise an alarm.
"Perimeter control I said keep it tight! If I can't see you you're too far. Where the hell'd you go?"
Skye creates a Tasmanian tiger summon and sends it forward.
speaking into his radio "Field command, this is Titan lead, I've lost eyes-"
The squad leader is brought down by the tiger. Skye executes them with a Phantom.
"Titan lead? Titan lead, come in. Sector 7 ground units, Titan lead is not responding, check the position?"
"Roger, approaching now."
The Atlas troops can be heard walking by.
"Titan lead, you there?"
"Can't see crap out here. "
"Wait a minute. Shit, got a body here."
Skye creates a hawk summon.
"Titan lead down, call in-"
Skye commands the hawk to explode. She engages and brawls with the three troops, eliminating them with a knife, Phantom, and the last one with a shot from a Sheriff.
"in the distance Shots fired, shots fired!"
"Call it out!"
"West, sector 7!"
"Sector 7, we hear shots fired, report. Sector 7 ground, report in."
"Yeah, that's gonna be a problem."
"Who is this? Identify."
"Why don't you come and find out, mate?"
"Alpha contact, sector 7! All units respond, I repeat, Alpha con-"
Skye crushes the radio.
"Should buy 'em some time. "
More motorbikes can be heard approaching. Skye starts shooting down the incoming troops with an Ares. Some are heard exclaiming "over there-" and "get her out-" before they are shot down.
"Where do you think you're going?"
Skye creates seeker summons to chase after the Atlas troops.
"Kill them, kill them!"
The last remaining troops in the area are taken down. Skye picks up one of the motorbikes and hops on.
"Thanks for the ride."
"The ATV, she's on the run!"
Skye rides away on the bike, more Atlas troops in pursuit.
"RPG, bring her down!"
An RPG is fired at Skye.
"Oh, shit!"
The blast knocks Skye off the bike. She picks herself up, screams in rage, and opens fire with the Ares, killing all troops in the area until the magazine goes empty.
A helicopter is heard approaching.
"You got to be kidding! Argh!"
She begins running as the helicopter opens fire on her position.
"Bloody hell!"
"She's heading for the waterfall!"
Gunfire continues.
"Don't let her jump, get her"
Skye successfully makes the jump and lands in the water below. She pulls herself to the surface and then to shore, exhausted.
" owe me. "