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Match voicelines
Character select

"I am on a higher plane, Chale. Literally."
("Chale" means "friend".)

Match start

"Chaleeee! You are ready for this situation, right my friends?"
("Chale" means "friend".)

Match start

"Now we show them, heh? They see our strength."

Match start

"Okay! Okay guys! Let's get going. Win this."

Match start

"My plan may sound irrational, only because you cannot see what I can." Giggles

Match start

"Relax my friends. Time and space are... Giggle They're not what you think."

Match start

"Don't underestimate me-oh. Gold is my heart and my soul cuts like the sword."

Match start

"Waddup suckers! You okay?"

Match start

"Guys, don't think what you are fighting against. Consider what you are fighting for."

Match start

"Five on five. Imitates gun We go clear them all."

Match start on Icebox

"Why would anyone agree to work in this cold place?"

Match start on Lotus

"The secrets of this place, chaleee, they must wait a little longer. First, we fight."
("Chale" means "friend".)

Match start on Pearl

"The world may be crambling, not this place-o, they thriving! Feel that energy!"

Match start on Split

"I like flowers and stuff, but this place no give flavour. No gold, where's the signs, the bling-bling, come on!"

Match start, as Attacker

"We get the Spike down, that's one piece of the puzzle. Plenty more but one at a time!"

Match start, as Attacker

"No choice but to get that radianite, /unsure/."

Match start, as Defender

"That Spike they got is like a loose thread. We let them pull it, it's over, not today."

Match start, as Defender

"Them fools thought they get here fast? Huh. They must be running on Ghanaian time, cause chale, them late, /unsure/." ("Chale" means "friend".)

Match win

Laughs "As I myself predicted."

Match win

Laughs "Yes! This is progress my friends."

Match win

"Of course we won! Chale don't insult my personality."
("Chale" means "friend".)

Match win, as MVP

"MVP me-oh, was this a dream-oh, chale give me pinch-oh." Laughs
("Chale" means "friend".)

Match win on Lotus

"Don't mess with the guardians on their home turf."

Interactions voicelines
Kill enemy Astra

"I broke your mirror!"

Match start with enemy Astra

"Hey, other Astra! If you know what I know, what are you doing? Yawa! Come on, clear off!"
("Yawa" means "not cool".) Source

Round start with allied Breach

"Breach, you don't respect what you should. All shiny buttons, no juju."
("Juju" can be assimilated to "magic".) Source

Round start with enemy Breach

"What up with that Breach? Ah! See him, kill him."

Barrier going down with enemy Brimstone

"Take that boomer soldier boy out!"

Kill enemy Brimstone

"Bye-bye boomer!"

Match start with enemy Brimstone

"This Brimstone got a space sattelite, heh? Ah, let's stick that yankee down into the Earth!"

Round start with enemy Brimstone

"Okay like, I'm done playing nice with old yankee boy."

Barrier going down with allied Cypher

"Okay Morocco, look alive."

Match start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, your head is too hard. I like you but expand your personality way."

Match start with allied Cypher

"Why, Cypher? Like you think I don't see you? I know who you are, man."

Commend to allied Fade

"Fade! Woohoo! You are magical, girl!"

Round start with enemy Fade

"This Fade's giving us nightmares, I got enough problems. Chale, /unsure here/."
("Chale" means "friend".)

Barrier going down with allied Harbor

"Wash them away, water-boy."

Chat: Astra talking to Harbor

"Hey, water boy! You and me, let's show them how the scholars get it done."

Commend to allied Harbor

"Water-boy's making waves out there! Keep going my guy."

Last kill enemy Harbor

"Why those relics chose this one. I'm never gonna know."

Match start with allied Harbor

"Chale, if my hair gets wet, you're in trouble, okay? Hey, I see that smile water-boy, don't even think it."

Round start with allied Harbor

"How's the bling-bling water-boy? The ancient jewelry shines on you, no lie!"

Kill enemy Jett

"Daggers girl goes bye-bye."

Commend to allied Kay/O

"Okay, robot-boy, I see you."

Match start with enemy Kay/O

"Their Kay/O's gonna mess with my power. Kwasia! Robot-boy is going down, that's a promise!" ("Kwasia" means "idiot".)

Commend to allied Killjoy

"Killjoy-oh! The industrious leave a legacy!"

Commend to allied Killjoy

"Wassup, Killjoy? You and your little akokÉ” crushed it."
("akokÉ”" means "chicken".) Source

Round start with enemy Killjoy

"Let's make that Killjoy's toys look as dumb as her jacket, heh?"