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Match voicelines
Character select "Stand in my way, I dare you."
Match start "These cowards aren't ready for me. No one ever is."
Match start "Guns in my face? Just another tuesday."
Match start "Nothing fancy, yeah? We go in, we crush them, we get out."
Match start "The faster we do this, the faster I get paid."
Match start "We treat this like any other job, no more, no less."
Match start "They're not intimidating, they're stupid. Big difference."
Match start "Been pulling jobs like this for years, risky? Sure. But never boring."
Match start "I don't need these arms to fight, but they're fun. Might as well use 'em."
Match start on Split "Look at this place! Kingdom has more money than they know what to do with. I wonder where they keep it."
Match win "Jobs' done. Pay up."
Match win "Hell yeah! Who's up for another?"
Match win "Time to go home, scrape this bugs off my boots."
Match win "The fight is over? I just warmed up."
Match win, as MVP "I always do the heavy lifting!"
Match win, as MVP "Maybe now you'll take me seriously."
Match win, as MVP "My rate just went up!"
Match win, as MVP "Always got to overprove myself."
Match win on Icebox "Oooh! I've missed the cold. This was great!"
Interactions voicelines
Kill enemy Breach "Nice try."
Last kill enemy Breach "You're just a pretender."
Match start with enemy Breach "A second Breach? Huh? This might be a fair fight after all."
Barrier going down with allied Brimstone "I hope you're ready, old man."
Barrier going down with enemy Brimstone "That Brimstone can't stop me."
Chat: Breach talking to Brimstone "Brimstone! The corporate sellout! Here to look out for Kingdom's special interest?"
Commend to allied Brimstone "Leave the fight for the rest of us, old man."
Kill enemy Brimstone "Retired."
Last kill enemy Brimstone "See? You're not too stubborn to die. You're just stubborn enough."
Match start with allied Brimstone "It could be worse, Brimstone! Instead of working together, we could be facing off! Or maybe you'd prefer that."
Match start with enemy Brimstone Laughs "When that Brimstone sees me here, he's gonna be so pissed."
Round start with enemy Brimstone "That Brimstone better stay out of my way."
Barrier going down with allied Cypher "Where are they Cypher?"
Kill enemy Cypher "Killed the rat."
Last kill enemy Cypher "Didn't see me coming."
Match start with allied Cypher "Don't aim that camera at me, Cypher. Save it for the enemy."
Round start with allied Cypher "Cypher, stop bugging my gear with microphones, you're worse than interpole!"
Commend to allied Jett "Damn, Jett. Have you ever considered a life of crime? I have contacts, let me know."
Barrier down with enemy Killjoy "I'll make that Killjoy cry."
Kill enemy Killjoy "Nerd."
Match start with allied Killjoy "Killjoy, your inventions are too fragile! See these arms? Carbon steel with titanium plating! That's what you need."
Round start with enemy Killjoy "So, the german has some fancy toys. Let's break them!"
Commend to allied Omen "Omen! That scared the shit out of me!"
Kill enemy Omen "Freak."
Match start with allied Omen "Okay, Omen. I'll smash in the front door while you sneak in the back. It's a good plan, ya?"
Round start with enemy Omen "I'm gonna run my fist through that Omen's face. Can you even punch a ghost? Who cares? I'm doing it."
Barrier going down with allied Phoenix "Phoenix, burn them down."
Commend to allied Phoenix "Phoenix keeps bringing the fire. It's like a viking funeral." Laughs
Match start with enemy Phoenix "Let that Phoenix run his mouth, we'll shut him up soon enough."