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Match voicelines
Character select

"Nothing stays hidden from me, nothing."

Match start

"They're scared. I don't need cameras to see that."

Match start

"Nobody escapes me. But they'll try."

Match start

"I wonder if they have any parts I can salvage. Mmh... Implants! I need those."

Match start

"Ah, okay, this is good. I've got new gadgets to try out."

Match start

"I must survive to protect my family. I can't lose them. I can't feel that pain again."

Match start

"Let's see what I have to use. Pictures of their children? Wow. Way too dark."

Match start

"I will stop anyone that tries to come through. I must keep my secrets with me."

Match start

"The back alleys, or the streets of war. There is no difference, just nicer toys."

Match start

"I'm prepared to die for this mission. Though I'd really rather not."

Match start on Bind

"What has Kingdom done to this town? However pretty their lies are, they're just sucking my city dry."

Match start on Fracture

"Imagine all the information once kept here. Lost in seconds. Sigh Khsara."
("Khsara" means "what a loss")

Match start on Split

"Ah! I've always wanted to pry my way in here. Don't mind if I just leave some "gifts" behind."

Match start, as Attacker

"It's decided, their radianite belongs to us, you see? No ethical dilemma. Mesh moushkil."
("Mesh moushkil" means "not a problem".)

Match start, as Attacker

"Think of it this way. The more radianite we take from them, the less I borrow from all of you. Extra incentive."

Match start, as Defender

"I detect an incursion into our world. Ah! No! Laughs The other team is just very noisy."

Match start, as Defender

"These impostors threaten everything. Nora, mankdarch nkhelihom ikhesro lghzala diali."
("Nora, mankdarch nkhelihom ikhesro lghzala diali" means "Nora, I can't let them destroy my little darling.")

Match win

"Back to my workshop. Still much to be done."

Match win

"Ah! So much learned this day, a victory! On many fronts."

Match win

"Never come back, I will take you apart."

Match win

"My truth stays hidden for one day more."

Match win

"You're lucky I'm generous, or else your families would be next."

Match win

"I knew your every move, it was sad watching you scamper."

Match win, as MVP

"I knew your every move, it was sad watching you scamper."

Match win, as MVP

"I am PROMETHEUS and you are just a god."

Match win, as MVP

"Never come back, I will take you apart."

Match win on Bind

"Get out of my city!"

Interactions voicelines
Kill enemy Breach

"Breach breached." Laughs

Round start with allied Breach

"Breach, Breach. I took a servo from your arms for my tripwire. Don't be angry. Breach."

Barrier doing down with enemy Brimstone

"Retire their Brimstone."

Match start with enemy Brimstone

"Let me see if I can hack into that Brimstone's bracer. If he's anything like our Brimstone, he won't know how to fix it." Laughs

Barrier doing down with enemy Chamber

"Now where did Chamber build his nest?"

Round start with allied Chamber

"With me, Chamber. Your eyes, my cameras. We make a good team."

Round start with enemy Chamber

"Be mindful of their Chamber, he does not miss much."

Barrier down with enemy Cypher

"Who will see better, Amir?"

Barrier down with enemy Cypher

"I'll crush your eyes, Amir."

Kill enemy Cypher

"Aywa bslama 3lik."
("Aywa bslama 3lik" means "Ok, goodbye".)

Last kill enemy Cypher

"There can only be one." Laughs

Match start with enemy Cypher

"I honestly don't know who the Cypher on their side is. Real mystery."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"Who are you? Copy of me? Laughs Where did you come from?"

Barrier down with allied Fade

"Fade, leave their brains intact."

Chat: Cypher talking to Fade

"Fade, of all people, you've never asked to see my face."

Commend to allied Fade

"Ahahah! Maalma! Who would have thought the nightmare lady would be so scary?"
("Maalma" is a compliment for when someone achieves something. Hard to put into words.)

Last kill enemy Fade

"Now I can rest a little easier."

Match start with allied Fade

"Ahah. Fade. Selam. I would offer you a camera, but your methods for gathering intel are a little less traditional."

Match start with enemy Fade

"Exercise caution around their Fade, not the type you want to meet in a dark alley."

Round start with allied Fade

"Fade, keep those nightmares away from me. I already have bad dreams."

Barrier going down with allied Jett

"Fly my wind assassin, do what you do best."