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Match voicelines
Character select

"Death is not an option."

Match start

"Trust me, we can get this job done."

Match start

"Here again, we face our death. And again we will defy it."

Match start

"The weight of our mission is upon us now."

Match start

"The greatest battles ever fought are written in story books, may they write about this one."

Match start

"Nanowire armed and ready. Kom igjen dere"
("Kom igjen dere" means "come on guys".)

Match start

"As long as I live, so does every ståljeger before me! To battle my sisters."
("Ståljeger" means "steel hunter".)

Match start

"Ammunition, time, life, these are all resources, spend them wisely."

Match start

"Oh there's only five of them? Kjedelig."
("Kjedelig" means "boring".)

Match start on Icebox

Sigh "Oh the crisp air, the crunch of ice, reminds me of home."

Match start, as Attacker

"Ready up, first we put them on their heels, then we put them in the ground."

Match start, as Defender

"Let them come, eagerness will endue them."

Match win

"This is our victory."

Match win

"Pack your bags, tally your kills, we're heading home."

Match win

"Å fy faen! Well done!"
("Å fy faen" means "oh damn".)

Interactions voicelines
Barrier going down with allied Breach

"Knock them senseless, Breach."

Barrier going down with enemy Breach

"Leave Breach to me."

Chat: Deadlock replying to Breach

"Breach, shut up. If you were funny, I'd come to your open mic nights."

Commend to allied Breach

"Not bad, Breach, a little messy but... Not bad."

Last kill enemy Breach

"Maybe next time... Giggles Ponytail."

Match start with allied Breach

"Hi, Breach. Nothing too crazy this time, yeah? I prefer writing a simple mission report."

Match start with enemy Breach

"They brought Breach. Å herregud, I feel the headache already."
("Å herregud" means "oh my god".)

Round start with allied Breach

"Breach, between us, we have three very strong arms. Don't we?"

Round start with enemy Breach

"Make no mistake, their Breach hides behind the chaos."

Last kill enemy Deadlock

"Jeg er lei for det. One of us had to fall."
("Jeg er lei for det" means "I'm sorry".)*

Match start with enemy Deadlock

"Leave Deadlock to me. I know how she thinks. I know her weaknesses."

Commend to allied Fade

"Fade, now you're just showing off."

Kill enemy Fade

"Take a nap."

Match start with allied Fade

"Fade, if you run short on nightmares, seek me out.I will gladly share mine."

Barrier going down with enemy Gekko

"Their Gekko is mine."

Kill enemy Gekko

"Gekko down."

Last kill enemy Gekko

"I warned you."

Match start with allied Gekko

"Gekko, keep a tight leash on those creatures. For their sake."

Match start with enemy Gekko

"That Gekko gambles his own life for those creatures, he couldn't make the hard choice. I will."

Round start with enemy Gekko

"Neutralize the enemy Gekko and you neutralize his creatures."

Commend to allied Harbor

"Harbor, where the hell did you train?"

Round start with enemy Harbor

"Harbor can splash about all he wants, he won't shield them forever."

Commend to allied Kay/O

"Technology at its finest, well done Kay/O."

Kill enemy Kay/O

"Scrap metal."

Match start with allied Kay/O

"Kay/O join me on the line, we do not flinch in the face of death."

Round start with enemy Kay/O

"I will disassemble their war-machine."

Barrier going down with allied Skye

"Skye, let's hunt."

Commend to allied Skye

"Skye, you would have made a fine ståljeger."
("Ståljeger" means "steel hunter".)

Kill enemy Skye

"Got Skye."

Match start with allied Skye

"Skye, no matter where you start the fight, we finish it together."

Round start with allied Skye

"Skye, don't get shot, I need my hiking buddy in tip-top shape."

Barrier going down with allied Sova

"Sova, with me."

Match start with enemy Viper

"Their Viper will try to separate us. Stay focused. Stay together."