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Match voicelines
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"Everyone is afraid of something."

Match start

"Don't worry everyone, I won't tell them what scares you. Promise."

Match start

"I paid a heavy price to commune with Nightmare. Don't waste it."

Match start

"It doesn't matter where they hide, I'll find them. I always find them."

Match start

"Oop! Eyes open, we have a job to do."

Match start

"Another mission? Good. Anything to keep me awake."

Match start

"There's truth in every dream, if you dig deep enough. Let's find out what they buried."

Match start on Fracture

"Many people died here. Their fear still lingers."

Match start, as Attacker

"Let's cut them down then plant the spike and sweep the stragglers into the trash."

Match start, as Attacker

"We find what's hidden, we take it, then we leave."

Match start, as Defender

"How many times must we turn them away? I'm getting aggravated."

Match start, as Defender

"They think they can steal from us? Hadi lan this is funny."
("Hadi lan" means "come on".)

Match win

"The nightmare is over. For them at least."

Match win

"Okay, time for coffee, my treat."

Match win

"We won, they lost. This is the way of things."

Interactions voicelines
Commend to allied Astra

"When in doubt, let the astral guardian do the job."

Barrier going down with allied Breach

"Breach! Clear a path."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"I chose to trust you, Brimstone. Show me I made the right choice."

Barrier going down with enemy Chamber

"I'm gunning for Chamber."

Commend to allied Chamber

"So Chamber is more than just a nice suit? Well done."

Kill enemy Chamber

"Missed me."

Round start with allied Chamber

"Chamber, I mark them, you shoot them. It's a good arrangement."

Round start with enemy Chamber

"Their Chamber is dangerous from afar, but up close, he bleeds like the rest of us."

Chat: talking to Clove

"So Clove. How exactly did you... You know. Become immortal."

Chat: Fade replying to Cypher

"There are more valuable secrets than the look of someone. Will you share those?"

Commend to allied Cypher

"Helal Cypher, there is no hiding from you, is there?"
("Helal" means something like "nice".)

Match start with enemy Cypher

"Their Cypher has a fear filled with regret. Voices calling for help and he cannot answer."

Round start with allied Cypher

"You have such a way with information, Cypher. After this, let's trade notes."

Barrier going down with enemy Fade

"Leave the dream seer to me."

Kill enemy Fade

"Silence, dream seer."

Last kill enemy Fade

"Sleep my sister, you've seen too much."

Commend to allied Kay/O

"I admit, fighting beside a killer robot is a plus."

Match start with allied Kay/O

"Kay/O, a radiant's nightmare. So glad we are very good friends."

Round start with enemy Kay/O

"Their Kay/O is tough. A bullet is tougher."

Commend to allied Neon

"Neon, nice work."

Kill enemy Neon

"Neon stopped."

Barrier going down with allied Omen

"Give them darkness, Omen."

Chat: Fade talking to Omen

"Omen, I wonder. How quickly can we unravel their will to fight?"

Commend to allied Omen

"Omen that gave me the chills abi, the good kind."
("Abi" means "bro".)

Kill enemy Omen

"Omen killed."

Last kill enemy Omen

"Now your nightmare is over."

Match start with allied Omen

"Omen, with me. Nightmare thrives in the dark."

Match start with enemy Omen

"They brought along Omen. His fear is a sorrowful kind. Like a broken doll lost in the attic."

Last kill enemy Phoenix

"Talking a big game doesn't mean much if you lose."

Round start with enemy Phoenix

"Their Phoenix shines on the outside, but within, I feel his doubt."

Round start with allied Raze

"Raze, you do not fear the chaos you inflict. I'm impressed."

Round start with allied Reyna

"Reyna, after you take from the fallen, what remains? It makes me wonder."

Round start with enemy Reyna

"Mmh. That Reyna is not as fearless as she appears."