Context Transcription Audio
Match voicelines
Character select "Wachale güey, my crew is coming through."
("Wachale güey" means "watch out dude".)
Match start "So, game plan? What y'all feeling? I'm down for whatever."
Match start "We got my four friends, then five of us, that's nine! Man, we're stacked!"
Match start "Man, my critters have the zoomies right now. Everyone watch your step."
Match start "Hey, how are my buddies? No, not y'all, I'm talking to these little guys, but... Yeah. Wassup?"
Match start "Okay, lil homies, teamwork on 3. 1... 2... 3!"
Match start on Ascent "Huh? How far up are we right now? To be honest with you... Heights? Not for me."
Match start on Fracture "There's no like... K-Sec assholes here, are there? Hope not."
Match start on Lotus "Qué lindo! Can I take a picture? My mom loves flowers."
("Qué lindo" means "how beautiful".)
Match start as Attacker "No, you cannot eat the radianite. Okay... Maybe just a little."
Match start as Attacker "Let's get this radianite, head home then go mimis."
Match start as Defender "No manches, do they ever quit? Como friegan."
("No manches" means "oh wow", "como friegan" means "they are annoying".)
Match start as Defender "Guess they're gunning for us, huh? Ni modo, it is what it is."
("Ni modo" means "either way".)
Match win "Hell yeah! My crew delivers."
Match win "Hey, GG y'all!"
Match win "Alright! Much love, team."
Interactions voicelines
Barrier going down with enemy Astra "Their star girl is scheming, eyes up."
Match start with allied Astra "What do you mean "Astra is glowing"? She's just standing here, come on, focus up!"
Kill enemy Chamber "Cornball!"
Round start with allied Chamber "Chamber, don't listen to her, you look great."
Kill enemy Fade "Not today, Fade!"
Barrier going down with enemy Gekko "Hey other me! Sorry in advance."
Kill enemy Gekko "Goodbye, me!"
Last kill enemy Gekko "Sorry little guys and uh. Me."
Match start with enemy Gekko "Yeah, girl. That's us over there, try not to think about it."
Round start with enemy Gekko "Damn, I never thought I'd have beef with myself, you know."
Barrier going down with allied Harbor "Look out for us, coach!"
Commend to allied Harbor "Those are some crazy ass moves coach! Shit!"
Kill enemy Harbor "Sorry, coach!"
Match start with allied Harbor "Hey, coach. This counts as training for today, right? Right?"
Barrier going down with allied Jett "Jett! Together."
Commend to allied Jett "Jett. Does. Not. Miss."
Barrier going down with allied Killjoy "KJ, work your magic."
Round start with allied Killjoy "You want KJ's shoes? Chale, dude. You can't even wear shoes."
("Chale" means "no way".)
Barrier going down with allied Neon "Got your back, Neon."
Commend to allied Neon "Yeah, I know she popped off, I was there!"
Round start with allied Neon Laughs "Hey Neon! Mosh' kinda likes you."
Commend to allied Omen "Omen, that was weird but like, cool weird."
Barrier going down with allied Phoenix "Okay, Phoenix, let's work!"
Commend to allied Phoenix "Daaaaamn! Phoenix is the goat."
Barrier going down with allied Reyna "Show us how it's done, Reyna."
Commend to allied Reyna "Yo! Did you see Reyna? It was unstoppable."
Last kill enemy Reyna "Perdóname mi Reyna."
("Perdóname mi" means "excuse me my".)
Match start with allied Reyna "Hola mi Reyna! Make way for the queen."
Round start with allied Sage "Hey, manners! I'm sorry Sage, she didn't mean it."
Commend to allied Viper "Viper, to be honest that was... Kinda dark."
Round start with allied Viper "Yo, Viper. Are we really safe breathing that in? I lowkey have asthma."
Barrier going down with allied Yoru "Yoru, good luck!"