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Match voicelines
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"Together, we'll crush them."

Match start

"I've done a thousand missions like this before. Today is no different."

Match start

"Someone showed up to fight us. They're either stupid or very stupid."

Match start

"Well. This looks dangerous, good thing we brought guns."

Match start

"Chalo, let's see some excitement, it's not everyday you save the world."
("Chalo" means "let's go".)

Match start

"Well equipped, well rested and well fed. Couldn't ask for a better start."

Match start

"This artifact is not my only source of strength."

Match start

"Look at us, I've never seen a more beautiful group of heavily armed soldiers."

Match start on Ascent

"The pillars on that domed building are Corinthian. Last of the three classical orders. How are you not excited?!"

Match start on Bind

"That old wall by the tree was part of a Kasbah once. Still majestic after all this time."

Match start on Breeze

"Who builds a neo-classical mansion in the middle of an ocean? Obnoxious."

Match start on Haven

"Will you look at those basalt columns! You know those hexagonal shapes form naturally."

Match start on Icebox

"What is red seal ship from the Tokukawa era doing way up here? Zabardast."
("Zabardast" means "Amazing".)

Match start on Lotus

"Arre, look at that rock-cut architecture! This city was built... Um, 5th century, shayad, maybe earlier."
("Arre" means "hey" or "ay", "Shayad" means "maybe".)

Match start on Pearl

"That castle beyond the dome dates back to 48 BC. Shame it couldn't be saved."

Match start on Split

"See that older building? How the roof follows the silver ratio." Laughs "Who said maths wasn't beautiful?"

Match start, as Attacker

"They have radianite, we have a spike. Sounds like a perfect match to me."

Match start, as Attacker

"Hey, let's keep that spike safe. I'm told it's terribly expensive."

Match start, as Defender

"History is full of senseless aggression. Some things don't change."

Match start, as Defender

"They're still after our radianite? They get a gold star for persistence."

Match win

"Mission complete! Shabbash. Well done."
("Shabbash" means "Well done".)

Match win

"What can I say? We are better."

Match win

Laughs "I told you we'd crush them."

Interactions voicelines
Barrier going down with allied Astra

"Astra, show them what you got."

Chat: Harbor replying to Astra

"Hell yeah! As long as there's no test at the end."

Commend to allied Astra

"Astra, thanks for fighting alongside us mere mortals."

Kill enemy Astra

"Fly my friend."

Match start with allied Astra

"Hey, Astra. Any tips for when you get an itch under the gauntlet? This bracelet is killing me."

Round start with allied Astra

"Make them see stars, Astra."

Chat: Harbor talking to Breach

"Breach. You still haven't apologized to me for that job you tried in Bengaluru."

Match start with allied Breach

"Breach, your prosthetics are waterproof, right? Asking for a friend."

Commend to allied Brimstone

"Round of applause for Mister Top Brass."

Last kill enemy Brimstone

"And down goes the commander."

Match start with enemy Chamber

"There's a Chamber over there, guy can't go three steps without bringing all his fancy guns."

Barrier going down with enemy Fade

"Fade's mine."

Commend to allied Fade

Laughs "This is what happens when the goth kid gets nightmare powers."

Last kill enemy Fade

"I prefer you stay out of my head, thank you."

Match start with allied Fade

"Fade I've dealt with a lot of scary people. And you are definitely my favorite."

Round start with enemy Fade

"The enemy Fade thinks we're afraid. She's right, that shit is scary."

Barrier going down with enemy Harbor

"Dibs on their Harbor."

Kill enemy Harbor

"Keep your relic."

Last kill enemy Harbor

"When we are at peace, I would meet you again."

Match start with enemy Harbor

"Yes, there is another Harbor fighting us. And yes, he also has an artifact. Mine is better."

Barrier going down with enemy Jett

"Careful around Jett, she's sharp."

Round start with allied Kay/O

"Kay/O, you've got a lot of heart. A metaphorical heart. Unless... Do you have a real heart?"

Commend to allied Neon

"Neon, I blinked and missed that one. Do it again, huh?"

Kill enemy Neon

"Slow down, kid."

Round start with enemy Neon

"If Neon ran faster than our bullets, then I'd be worried."