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Match voicelines
Character select

"Enough training, it's time."

Match start

"One minute. Finding a playlist. Humming Ah! Perfect."

Match start

"Less than a minute, lets plan."

Match start

"Time to gear up, right? I've got a song for that actually."

Match start

"Once we find the right rhythm, it's over."

Match start

"Okay, let's win this."

Match start

"Relax, with a team like ours, very little risk."

Match start

"So? Who has to die?"

Match start

"Five on five? I prefer one on one. But don't worry, this is good too."

Match start

"What's the mission? Kill contract? Sorry. I forgot to read the brief."

Match start, as Attacker

"To them, we're trespassers. Their fight is justified. But we still have a job to do."

Match start, as Attacker

"They can't defuse a spike if they're dead."

Match start, as Defender

"Anyone attacking us can answer to me."

Match win

Sigh "Alright, we're finished here."

Match win

"We survived and we're stronger for it."

Match win

"奶奶, I did this to make you proud."
("奶奶" means "grandma", on the paternal side.)

Match win

"I have a time for a selfie before we leave, right? I'll be fast."

Interactions voicelines
Commend to allied Deadlock

"Deadlock, that was textbook! Well done."

Last kill enemy Deadlock

"Go. Be with your sisters."

Match start with allied Deadlock

"Deadlock, remind me later to return the book I borrowed, it's terrifying."

Kill enemy Gekko

"Dropped Gekko."

Barrier down with enemy Iso

"Make it interesting, Iso."

Kill enemy Iso

"I got Iso."

Last kill enemy Iso

"Thanks for the training."

Match start with enemy Iso

"Let me handle Iso, he's my responsibility."

Round start with enemy Iso

"I hope their Iso fights me. Good self assessment."

Barrier down with allied Omen

"Omen. Do what you do."

Barrier down with enemy Omen

"Their Omen will fall."

Commend to allied Omen

"Omen, everything they said about you is true!"

Kill enemy Omen

"Omen's gone."

Last kill enemy Omen

"Your legacy lives on."

Match start with allied Omen

"Omen, they say that once you took a contract, their death was inescapable. Anyway, I'm glad we're friends."

Match start with enemy Omen

"Omen wishes to be human? Then he can die like one."

Round start with enemy Omen

"I know what that Omen is capable of and it's not pretty."

Barrier down with allied Raze

"Raze, let's go."

Commend to allied Raze

"A good fight is like a dance and no one dances harder than Raze."

Kill enemy Raze

"I stopped their Raze."

Barrier down with allied Sage

"Lead the way, Sage."

Commend to allied Sage

"Sage showing us how it's done!"

Kill enemy Sage

"Sage is down."

Last kill enemy Sage

"原谅我, 前辈"
("原谅我, 前辈" means "Forgive me, senior".)

Last kill enemy Sage

("逼不得已" means "I had no choice".)

Round start with allied Sage

"Hey, Sage. 火锅 After this. Right? I'll buy."
("火锅" means "hotpot".)

Round start with enemy Sage

"Focus on their Sage, fewer ressurections."

Kills voicelines
Kill enemy

"Target down."

Kill enemy

"You're finished."

Kill enemy

"Got one."