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Match voicelines
Character select

"Cool. Let's go."

Match start

"Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can't keep up."

Match start

"Heyyy! The gang's all here. This is great, they don't stand a chance."

Match start

"Huh? Who are you all? The cleanup crew?"

Match start

"Feels like just yesterday I was chopping 달래 at the store. Wonder if that place is still standing."
("달래" means "korean wild chive") Source

Match start

"Oh. I'm hungry. Anyone hungry? Lunch on Brimstone after this."

Match start

"I know I dash around a lot but I promise I'm looking out for y'all. Take them out while they're busy with me."

Match start

"I would make fun of their dumb faces, but they're us. We look stupid."

Match start on Ascent

"Careful of the edges! Not sure if I could catch you in time if you fell off. I mean, I'd try, of course."

Match start on Lotus

"This place gives me the creeps, feels like we're being watched."

Match start on Sunset

"Ooo! There's a phở place here I've been dying to try. Let's get this over with quick."

Match start, as Attacker

"Alright, get on site, plant spike, protect spike, go home. Easy peazy."

Match start, as Defender

"Maybe if we kicked their asses hard enough, they'll stop bothering us."

Match win

"Was that supposed to be a fight?"

Match win

"Too easy."

Match win

"I'm bored. Let's go."

Match win, as MVP

"Oh, my back hurts! Everyone is so heavy!"

Match win, as MVP

"What would you all do without me?"

Match win on Icebox

"Uh. Okay, sauna time!"

Interactions voicelines
Commend to allied Astra

"장난아니다! Astra, you're amazing!"

Last kill enemy Astra

"Guardian? Chuckles Of what? The ground?"

Barrier going down with allied Breach

"Knock 'em down, Breach."

Commend to allied Breach

"Breach, my man!"

Round start with enemy Breach

"Watch out for Breach's impact. It's hard to move after that."

Barrier going down with enemy Brimstone

"You better hide, old man."

Commend to allied Brimstone

"Hell yeah, Brimstone! The best defense is a good offense."

Last kill enemy Brimstone

"You gotta retire some time."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Yo, Brimstone, you know the drill. Just show me where to go."

Barrier going down with allied Chamber

"Chamber, I make space, you hold it down."

Last kill enemy Chamber

"Uh. We played, you lost."

Barrier going down with enemy Cypher

"I'll find their Cypher."

Kill enemy Cypher

"Eyes down."

Round start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, just tell me where they are. I'll do the rest."

Round start with enemy Deadlock

"Ugh. Deadlock's wires are obnoxious! Shoot them for me, yeah?"

Last kill enemy Fade

"Stay out of my head, weirdo."

Barrier going down with allied Gekko

"Come on, Gekko! Let's get it!"

Chat: Jett talking to Gekko

"Hey, Gekko? Still good to get food later, that new place?"

Commend to allied Gekko

"존나 절어! Pop off, Gekko!" ("존나 절어" means "fucking dope".)

Match start with allied Gekko

"Ugh! Gekko! Do you really need all four of your little kiddies? Come on, let me borrow Dizzy."

Round start with allied Gekko

"Gekko! I'll protect Wingman with my life, no one will harm our little hero."

Barrier going down with enemy Harbor

"Don't let Harbor slow you down."

Kill enemy Jett


Kill enemy Jett

"Clone killed."

Last kill enemy Jett

"No way! We're the same."

Match start with enemy Jett

"Ew. Is that me over there?! 저리 꺼져." ("저리 꺼져" means "get away from me".)

Match start with enemy Jett

"I know your tricks, wind-girl. You're not faster than me."

Round start with enemy Jett

"Their Jett has nothing on me. I got her."

Match start with allied Kay/O

"KayO! All right, go hit 'em with zeros and ones, big guy."