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Match voicelines
Character select

"Let's do this."

Match start

"What's the plan? Send the robot in first? Smart choice."

Match start

"I'm about to go full killer robot. You've been warned."

Match start

"Fight well. This world depends on it."

Match start

"I'll take the lead, it cost enough to build me. Get your money's worth."

Match start

"If no one objects, I'll go nix these targets, company's welcome."
("Nix" means "cancel", or "put an end to".)

Match start

"More hostiles trying to kill us, what's new?"

Match start

"We have one job. Save this Earth. No excuses."

Match start with allied Radiant

"Humans allied with radiants? What a strange world."

Match start with Radiant enemy

"Time to kill some radiants."

Match start on Split

"Deploy the killer robot to an urban population center? Great idea."

Match win

"No rest required. Ready for deployment."

Match win

"Game over."

Match win

"Good fight. Where to next?"

Match win on Breeze

"Okay humans, now you can swim."

Interactions voicelines
Kill enemy Astra

"Astra's dead."

Match start with enemy Astra

"An enemy Astra, powerful. But killable."

Round start with enemy Astra

"Their Astra doesn't protect reality. She destroy worlds. I would know."

Barrier going down with allied Breach

"Steam roll them, Breach."

Match start with allied Breach

"Breach, after this, billiards. I like taking your money."

Barrier going down with allied Brimstone

"I got your back, Brim."

Chat: Kay/O talking to Brimstone

"Brimstone, game plan! Let's do what we did at the battle of Hell's Bridge."

Commend to allied Brimstone

"You are a boss, Brimstone."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Your second chance, Brimstone. I won't fail you again."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Brimstone, I'd hug you but it would kill you. I'm serious, no hugs."

Round start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, you keep eyeing my hardware. Don't."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"I'll crash their Cypher's network."

Round start with enemy Jett

"Let's see their Jett fight without wind."

Kill enemy Kay/O


Last kill enemy Kay/O

"Someone missed a software update."

Last kill enemy Kay/O

"Break him down, I need the spare parts."

Barrier down with enemy Killjoy

"I'll shutdown Killjoy's tech."

Last kill enemy Killjoy

"Too advanced. Even for you."

Round start with allied Killjoy

"Killjoy calls her tech "killer robot". Good joke. Funny."

Round start with allied Omen

"Omen, you are a capable fighter. Okay. That is all."

Barrier going down with enemy Phoenix

"No fire, no Phoenix."

Round start with allied Phoenix

"Radiant target acquired. Hang on. It's Phoenix. Sorry friend."

Barrier going down with allied Raze

"Explosives ready, Raze."

Chat: Kay/O replying to Raze

"Uhhhh. Sneak past a metal detector, first thing that comes to mind."

Commend to allied Raze

"Raze, you are incredible. Well done, friend."

Round start with allied Raze

"Okay, Raze. Your paintshells, my frag/ment. Maximum damage."

Chat: Kay/O talking to Reyna

"I will work with you, Reyna. I don't have to like it."

Commend to allied Reyna

"Reyna, I aknowledge your performance. Brimstone ordered me to."

Kill enemy Reyna

"Killed the queen."

Last kill enemy Reyna

"Your reign is over."

Match start with allied Reyna

"Reyna, I'm programmed to kill you, don't give me a reason."

Match start with enemy Reyna

"I'll destroy every Reyna for what she did to you. Correction. Them."

Match start with enemy Reyna

"Another Reyna. I killed her in the war, I'll kill her again."