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Match voicelines
Character select

"Move or get zapped."

Match start

"Radiant powers, deadly tech. I'm sure we won't break anything."

Match start

Sigh "Let's go! World's not saving itself."

Match start

"Another site on the brink of destruction. At least we're consistent."

Match start

"Look, I'm glad you're all here. There, I said it."

Match start

"Enemies in our way? Hope they like getting hit by lightning."

Match start

"This covert-ops thing, I kinda of like it. Let's not mess that up."

Match start on Fracture

"Big surprise! Someone blew the fuse. No wonder you brought me."

Match start, as Attacker

"Any chance they'll let us through? Fine, we'll do it the hard way."

Match start, as Attacker

"Here's the plan, whatever they got, tear it down."

Match start, as Defender

"They come at us, we push them back. They don't stop, we don't either."

Match start, as Defender

"Huh. They came all this way. That was stupid."

Match win

"What did I say? Don't mess with me."

Match win

"Ayos! That's how we do it."
("Ayos" means "Nice".)

Match win

"For their sake, I'm glad it's over."

Interactions voicelines
Chat: Neon talking to Astra

"Oy, Astra! How would I, hypothetically, go to other worlds or whatever?"

Commend to allied Astra

"Astra, your aim was on point. Husay."
("Husay", shortened from "Mahusay", is an adjective to describe "doing great".)

Round start with allied Brimstone

"Let's go Brim! Ex-Kingdom represent!"

Barrier going down with enemy Chamber

"Chamber's going down!"

Kill enemy Chamber

"Bye, monsieur!"

Last kill enemy Chamber

"No more deals, Chamber."

Match start with allied Chamber

"Chamber, I'm here to fight. Whatever you are scheming, leave me out of it."

Match start with enemy Chamber

"Don't listen to that Chamber. What he wants is not what he says."

Chat: talking to Clove

"Clove? You were up at 3AM watching cooking videos, how are you awake right now?"

Commend to allied Cypher

"Hanep, Cypher. Hope you caught all that on camera."
("Hanep" means "Daaamn".)

Kill enemy Cypher

"Found the spy!"

Last kill enemy Cypher

"Nosey weirdo."

Match start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, I am not kidding, if you take my picture, I will fry that thing. Just try me."

Round start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, get their good side. We don't want to be rude."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"Enough cameras, their Cypher's gotta go."

Barrier going down with allied Jett

"Do your thing, Jett!"

Chat: Neon replying to Jett

"Sounds reckless, sure, why not?"

Commend to allied Jett

"Jett wins again! I am shocked."

Match start with allied Jett

"Save it, Jett. I'm not racing you. You'd only embarrass yourself."

Round start with allied Jett

"Fair winds, tight corners, time to show-off, Jett."

Round start with enemy Jett

"That Jett is all speed no skill, she's mine."

Barrier going down with enemy Kay/O

"I'm gonna fry that bot."

Chat: Neon replying to Killjoy

"Killjoy, my suit's got like a billion volts. Don't touch it."

Last kill enemy Neon

"Just my double, no problem."

Match start with enemy Neon

"That's my double, yeah? I got her."

Round start with enemy Neon

"My double thinks she can take me? Bad call."

Chat: Talking to Raze

"Hoy, Raze. Raze! Dibale na!"
("Dibale na" means "nevermind".)

Commend to allied Raze

"Nice, Raze. Subtle."

Match start with allied Raze

"So, Raze, you got a plan? Or you're gonna... You know... Do what you always do."

Round start with allied Raze

"Raze, the plan is... Nevermind. Just keep blowing them up."

Barrier going down with allied Reyna

"You and me Reyna, no limits!"

Commend to allied Reyna

"Reyna, remind me to never piss you off."

Match start with enemy Reyna

"That Reyna won't hold back. I won't either."