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"I am the beginning, I am the end."

Match start

"Do they know what it means to be truly afraid? I'll show them."

Match start

"How many must I kill before I am restored? More. Always more."

Match start

"If I must live in this nightmare, my enemies might as well join me."

Match start

"They fear death, they should fear so much more than that."

Match start

"Make the right choice, even if it calls for sacrifice."

Match start

"Who will they cry for once they know they are going to die?"

Match start

"I already feel their hope dying and we haven't even begun. This will not take long."

Match start on Abyss

"Millennia of Radiant history stolen from the world and crammed into this cave. How did I not see the wrong in this?"

Match start on Pearl

"Is that... A statue of me? This is... Unexpected."

Match start on Split

"Split. Ahhh... They don't know the meaning of the word."

Match start, as Attacker

"Wherever I go, obliteration follows. It is my legacy."

Match start, as Attacker

"You've brought your monster for monstruous work. Fitting."

Match start, as Defender

"Do not let them plant that spike! Radianite explosions are... Complicated."

Match start, as Defender

"The enemy brought a spike. Kill them."

Match win

"Rest now. I will keep watch."

Match win

"Out of my way."

Match win

"Hold on to this moment, we can't stop here."

Match win, as MVP

"You thought you could escape my nightmare?"

Interactions voicelines
Barrier going down with allied Astra

"Shine for us, Astra."

Last kill enemy Astra

"The Astra is gone and her mysteries with her."

Round start with allied Astra

"Astra, your power sends shimmers through the veil. It is mesmerizing. Can no one else see them? Pity."

Barrier going down with enemy Breach

"I'll silence their Breach."

Round start with enemy Brimstone

"Kill their leader and the rest will flee like rats."

Chat: Talking to Chamber

"I told you, Chamber, I cannot eat your cooking."

Commend to allied Chamber

"Expertly done, Chamber."

Kill enemy Cypher

"No more meddling."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"Do you see under my hood, Cypher? Does it scare you?"

Barrier going down with allied Fade

"Fade, we endure."

Chat: Omen replying to Fade

"With you and I in concert, immediately."

Commend to allied Fade

"Fade, that was a work of art."

Kill enemy Fade

"Let go."

Last kill enemy Fade

"Be at peace."

Match start with enemy Fade

"They have brought Fade. Her consciousness is strained as my own. This will be interesting."

Round start with allied Fade

"Together Fade, we will show them the true meaning of fear."

Round start with enemy Fade

"That Fade spreads terror well. Let me give her a dose of her own medicine."

Commend to allied Harbor

"Your combat precision, Harbor, I swear I've seen it before. A past life, maybe."

Match start with allied Harbor

"That relic won't work for just anyone, Harbor. Why you? Curious."

Commend to allied Jett

"Jett, you were a storm. Well done."

Match start with enemy Killjoy

"I will get inside their inventor's head, even brilliant minds will break to madness."

Barrier going down with enemy Omen

"I will find you, Omen."

Barrier going down with enemy Omen

"I will kill you, Omen."

Kill enemy Omen

"Now, rest."

Kill enemy Omen

"Let go."

Last kill enemy Omen

"You can finally let go."

Match start with enemy Omen

"There is another of me. How many times did I get ripped apart? How many times did I die?"

Round start with enemy Omen

"I'll kill that Omen, I'll take his memories. I will remember."

Chat: Omen replying to Phoenix

"It helps me focus. Oh, what do you care?"