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Match voicelines
Character select

"Yes! I'm pumped!"

Match start

"You can take the girl out of Salvador but you'll never take the girl out of Salvador. Wait..."

Match start

"Finally, back out in the field. Let's go, there's so many new toys I want to try out."

Match start

"I shouldn't have to say this because, y'know, my vibe. But, stay clear on my explosions, okay?"

Match start

"I promise, I'll get 'em. Might take down a city block along the way, but, hey, a win's a win."

Match start

"Okay, minha família, leave the fireworks to me. Should be plenty loud for you to have some fun."
("minha família" means "my family".)

Match start

"Just me, my squadzinho and a few tons of dynamite! There's nothing we can't do."

Match start

"Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang. Just promise you'll dance at my funeral, okay?"

Match start on Split

"Ugh. Another Kingdom infestation. Well fine, I'll just make sure to be extra-collateral with my collateral damage."

Match start on Haven

"This poor place, you used to be so beautiful. Don't worry, I'll send you off with a bang."

Match start on Pearl

"Hey, huh... That glass is shatter-proof né? Anyone test grenades on it yet? I'm just thinking out loud."

Match start, as Attacker

"Oxe? Are we in their worlds, now? Or they're in ours? No, it's theirs. I got it. This universe stuff is complicated."
("Oxe?" means "What?".)

Match start, as Attacker

"Once we get their radianite, can I keep a little extra for my boombot? Would that be cool? Honestly, I don't think anybody minds."

Match start, as Defender

"They think they can walk all over MY turf? I've got a grenade that says otherwise."

Match win

"Gente! As colorful as carnaval."
("Gente" means "people".)

Match win

"Ah! Look at this wreckage! I'm so proud."

Match win

"Ah. Smells like victory. And gunpowder."

Match win

"There we go! Nice work everyone!"

Match win on Pearl

"Aí sim! We rock! But seriously, when can we hit up the club here?"
("Aí sim" means "Fuck yeah")

Match win on Split

"The city is safe! Or you know, what's left of it. Never said I was perfect."

Interactions voicelines
Commend to allied Astra

"Astra, how did you even do that?! Maaaan! Where do I signup for lessons?"

Match start with enemy Astra

"That enemy Astra thinks she knows everything. Let's bring her back down to Earth."

Barrier going down with allied Breach

"Vamos, Breach! Let's go!"

Chat: Raze talking to Breach

"You know, Breachy. In all this chaos, it'd be terrible if some equipment just... Got lost. You know?"

Commend to allied Breach

"Did you see Breach back there? That's how it's done!"

Commend to allied Breach

"Breach! Bra jobbat! Did I say that right? Jobbat? Jobbatchi? Jobbatchi. Jobbatchi."
("Bra jobbat" means "Nice job".)

Last kill enemy Breach

"Ugh. Sorry, mano."
("Mano" means "bro".)

Match start with allied Breach

"Breach, lindo! You arms are looking great! You need a tune up?"
("Lindo" means "pretty".)

Match start with enemy Breach

"I don't have any history with that fake Breachy. Screw him, I'll put him down."

Round start with allied Breach

"Breach, you're practically dancing! You ready to go, lindo?"
("Lindo" means "pretty".)

Barrier going down with enemy Brimstone

"That Brimstone's just sparks."

Chat: Raze talking to Brimstone

"Brimstone! Chefinho! Thanks for the paint canisters! Ah! Best gift ever."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Brimstone? That bracer has access to the Kingdom mainframe, yeah? Just asking for a friend."

Round start with allied Brimstone

"Brimstonezinho, you sure I can't listen to music? You're really bringing me down here, man."
("zinho" is used to make the word it's attached to "smaller", little.) Source

Round start with enemy Brimstone

"Someone track down their Brimstone! Cut off the head of the snake."

Last kill enemy Chamber

"Come back with a bigger gun."

Round start with allied Chamber

"Chamber, let me borrow one of your guns! Please? Ah, come on, man. Please? I said please."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"That Cypher wants to watch us? Let him! We don't hide."

Commend to allied Jett

"Damn, Jett. You're kicking ass."

Kill enemy Jett

"Jett's grounded."

Match start with allied Jett

"Jett! My sister from another mister. Let's have some fun, yeah?"

Match start with enemy Jett

"Their Jett is nothing compared to ours. Let's crush that copy."

Round start with allied Jett

"Olha, Jett! I can't wait for you to run circles around them."

Chat: Raze talking to Kay/O

"Kay/O, level with me, is there anything you can't do out here?"

Round start with enemy Kay/O

"Hey, other Kay/O, put a shirt on!"

Barrier going down with allied Killjoy

"Killjoy, you and me until the end."

Chat: Raze talking to Killjoy

"Killjoy, after this you wanna do some tinkering?"

Kill enemy Killjoy

"Engineer killed."