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Match voicelines
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"I am both shield and sword."

Match start

"I will defend you all with my power and with my life."

Match start

"I wasn't strong enough before, but now, now, I am strong enough for us all."

Match start

"I will soothe this turmoil, with fire if I must."

Match start

"The blossom wavers in strong wind, yet, I am no flower."

Match start

"Together, friends. We can do anything. We can save the world."

Match start

"Search for the good in all things. If there is none to be found, then act decisively, violently."

Match start

"I will do anything for you all. I will subvert the flow. I will hold back the tides."

Match start

"Before we begin, know that there is none I would rather have by my side than you."

Match start on Haven

"This place, I can feel its pain, it aches for redemption."

Match start on Split

"This place is a testament to science. A testament to folly."

Match start, as Attacker

"Remember, friends. We're doing this to protect our people. It's the only way."

Match start, as Attacker

"Stay strong, the spike must be delivered if we are to save our friends."

Match start, as Attacker

"They thought they could attack us without repercussions. They were wrong."

Match start, as Defender

"Our enemies want to tear our home apart, we cannot let them."

Match start, as Defender

"Stand with me, agents of VALORANT. Let's push back these invaders. Let's save our home!"

Match win

"Now to mend what we have broken."

Match win

"We move forward."

Match win

"Do not fight us again."

Match win, as MVP

"Even death cannot stop me."

Match win on Bind

"This city is safe once more."

Interactions voicelines
Match start with allied Astra

"Astra, your perspective is so... Vast. I have so much I'd like to learn."

Match start with allied Breach

"Breach, clear a path. I will keep us safe along the way."

Last kill enemy Brimstone

"Goodbye, old friend."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"We've got this Brimstone, you handle the strategy, I'll take tactics."

Match start with enemy Brimstone

"I know their leader well. I assume he's like ours, right?"

Round start with allied Brimstone

"Remember, Brimstone. If anything happens to you, I'll take the lead."

Commend to allied Chamber

"Style and substance, Chamber. Excellent work."

Match start with allied Chamber

"It's hard to embrace a mystery, Chamber. Open up to us and I'll happily trust you."

Barrier going down with allied Cypher

"Find them, Cypher."

Barrier going down with enemy Cypher

"Take out Cypher's tools."

Commend to allied Cypher

"Your web is deadly, Cypher."

Kill enemy Cypher

"Cypher removed."

Commend to allied Deadlock

"You could let some of us help, Deadlock. Just an idea."

Match start with enemy Deadlock

"I can feel their Deadlock's sadness, perhaps we should send her to her sisters."

Round start with enemy Deadlock

"Their Deadlock knows pain so intimately and still wants to inflict it. Such a shame."

Last kill enemy Fade

"Silence your mind."

Match start with enemy Fade

"Their Fade's malevolence is too much to bear. We must end her madness."

Commend to allied Gekko

"Goodness, Gekko! What was that?"

Kill enemy Gekko

"Gekko's gone."

Match start with allied Gekko

"Gekko, can you please teach Wingman what's trash and what isn't? He threw so many of my things away."

Commend to allied Harbor

"No one can repel Harbor when he's fighting like this."

Match start with allied Harbor

"Between your walls and my healing, Harbor, this almost feels unfair, no?"

Chat: Sage replying to Jett

"Jett. You... That's... Not how radiants wor- Oh I see, you're joking. Hilarious."

Commend to allied Jett

"Jett, you were the wind. So powerful. Well done."

Kill enemy Jett

"Jett's grounded."

Last kill enemy Jett

"Brief, tragic life."

Match start with allied Kay/O

"Be careful, Kay/O. I don't know how many times I can bring you back."