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Match voicelines
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"Wherever they run, I will find them."

Match start

"Another day, another battle. So be it. I do not fear blood on my hands."

Match start

"There is no retreat, not when annihilation is at stake. This is our day."

Match start

"Don't be afraid, I've gone through rifts before."

Match start

"I believe in all of you like I believe in myself."

Match start

"This bow has taken man and beast alike. I found there is little difference."

Match start

"I was told you were all the best, that is why I'm here."

Match start

"You'll have your intel, I promise."

Match start

"You have me, that is good for you."

Match start on Icebox

"The cold air feels wonderful."

Match start, as Attacker

"We will not withdraw until their radianite is ours."

Match start, as Attacker

"Remember, the enemy defends this world. It is their home and that makes them dangerous."

Match start, as Defender

"Anyone that lays a hand on our radianite may find a bullet in their jaw."

Match start, as Defender

"As long as there is breath in your lungs, you have the strength to fight. Hold them back."

Match win, as MVP

"A little recognition is nice now and then, thank you."

Match win, as MVP

"My babushka told me not to brag, but for this I make an exception."

Match win, as MVP

"You were nothing compared to the alpha."

Match win, as MVP

"Good thing I was with you, yes?"

Match win

"I am not tired, are you?"

Match win

"Okay, that is done."

Match win

"Tracked and hunted."

Match win

"Today is not our day to die."

Match win on Icebox

"The snow should hide our tracks. We were never here."

Interactions voicelines
Barrier going down with enemy Breach

"Stop their Breach at all costs."

Kill enemy Breach


Match start with allied Breach

"Breach, we can only follow up if you wait for us. Nothing comes from rushing."

Match start with enemy Breach

"Their Breach has no patience at all. He attacks fast, be ready to move."

Barrier going down with allied Brimstone

"At your command, Brimstone."

Commend to allied Brimstone

"Brimstone, you are a true leader."

Kill enemy Brimstone

"Captain killed."

Last kill enemy Brimstone

"Be at peace, my friend."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Brimstone, after we win, I'll buy you a drink if you share a memory with us."

Round start with allied Brimstone

"Lead us to victory, Brimstone."

Round start with allied Chamber

"Chamber, you are a good shot, but when you can bounce your bullets off the wall, then I'll be impressed."

Barrier going down with enemy Cypher

"I'm done with Cypher's secrets."

Chat: Sova replying to Cypher

"And your file is missing, Amir. Explain that."

Commend to allied Cypher

"Okay, Cypher. I admit, that was good."

Kill enemy Cypher

"No more secrets."

Last kill enemy Cypher

"Goodbye, Cypher. You will not be missed."

Match start with allied Cypher

"You've buried your secrets well, Cypher. But I am a hunter and I will find them."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"Take out Cypher's cameras. He's weak when he's blind."

Barrier going down with allied Fade

"Swiftly and silent, Fade."

Barrier going down with enemy Fade

"Now, swallow your fear."

Commend to allied Fade

"Fade, well fought, there is no other hunter quite like you."

Last kill enemy Fade

"The hunt doesn't always go as planned. Does it?"

Match start with allied Fade

"Fade, with you and I on the field, the enemies' plan will crumble."

Match start with enemy Fade

"The enemy Fade will use our fear against us. So it is better to be fearless, I think."

Round start with enemy Fade

"The monsters that Fade commands are imitations at best. She does not frighten me."