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Match voicelines
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"No one can hold their breath forever."

Match start

"They are not important. Let's move through them. Like smoke through lungs."

Match start

"Only five of them? Pity enough I brought enough poison for fifty. You can't say I'm not prepared."

Match start

"Use my poison to your advantage. I don't deploy it for kicks."

Match start

"I wonder if these ones would beg. They all do. After a while."

Match start

"They call me a monster, shall I prove them right?"

Match start

"Bodies decompose after 12 hours in acid. There's no reason I know that."

Match start

"Let's take from them what they took from me, everything."

Match start on Bind

"The lies we told this city, just to pry it open and suck it dry."

Match start on Fracture

"I knew some of them, the people here. Good scientists."

Match start on Pearl

"This dome won't protect the city forever, they wanna survive, stop hiding."

Match start, as Defender

"I was saving my best poison for a special occasion, but our guests came all this way. It's the least I can do."

Match win

"Hide the bodies, we weren't here."

Match win

"I am your monster, you made me this way. Never forget that."

Match win

"You should have begged sooner."

Match win

"You were only in my way."

Match win


Match win, as MVP

"I am your monster, you made me this way. Never forget that."

Match win, as MVP

"You should have begged sooner."

Match win on Ascent

"Well, the town is gone but our world stays afloat, I'll take that trade."

Interactions voicelines
Commend to allied Breach

"Well done, Breach. I knew hiring you was a good idea."

Kill enemy Breach

"Breach killed."

Match start with allied Breach

"Do me a favor, Breach. And... Open them up. Toxin works best when directly injected."

Chat: Viper talking to Brimstone

"Brimstone, we really need to put an age floor on VALORANT. I can't take this... Youth."

Commend to allied Brimstone

"I'm impressed, Brimstone. Looks like the fire is still lit."

Last kill enemy Brimstone

"Get some sleep, old man."

Match start with allied Brimstone

"Don't tell me what to do, old man. Someone will die, no matter how fancy our strategy."

Chat: Viper replying to Chamber

"Chamber, I would rather drink my own poison."

Commend to allied Chamber

"You want my approval, Chamber? Do that again."

Last kill enemy Chamber

"You were charming, but not as clever as you think."

Round start with allied Chamber

"Chamber, you've made promises we expect you to keep. Less flirting, more focus. Thank you."

Chat: Talking to Clove

"I look forward to watching the light leave their eyes."

Barrier going down with allied Cypher

"Hunt them down, Cypher."

Barrier going down with enemy Cypher

"I'll find their Cypher."

Chat: Viper replying to Cypher

"Never call me that again. If you do though, it's Doctor Sabine, get it right."

Kill enemy Cypher

"Cypher killed."

Match start with allied Cypher

"Cypher, you collect information. Tell me, what are their dreams? What do they fear?"

Round start with enemy Cypher

"Their Cypher might find us, good. Bring them to me."

Commend to allied Jett

"To be young and have reflexes again... Good work, Jett."

Match start with enemy Jett

"What a shame to take Jett's young life, truly a pity."

Round start with allied Cypher

"Tell me where they are, Cypher. I'll take care of the rest."

Match start with allied Kay/O

"Something wrong, Kay/O? Deaths on your conscience? We're not so different after all."

Commend to allied Killjoy

"You did well, little mouse. Keep it up."

Round start with enemy Killjoy

"Their Killjoy is too smart for her own good, I'll reprimand her."

Barrier going down with allied Neon

"Neon, strike them down."

Chat: Viper talking to Neon

"Neon, what was that meal you made earlier? It was... Good."

Commend to allied Neon

"Neon, you know I am supposed to be the scary one, right?"

Match start with allied Neon

"Neon, you can practice restraint later. You're at war now. I need the storm."