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Match voicelines
Character select

"I'll fight anybody, I'll fight everybody."

Match start

"These guys caught me in a mood. Bad luck for them."

Match start

"Should I shoot them in the face or stab them in the back? I'll decide later."

Match start

"So much fuss over nothing, someone get me a bat, I'll finish this."

Match start

"It's easiest if I sneak in and kill everyone. Don't make this complicated."

Match start

"You're all obsessed with teamwork, so I'll try it. But just this once."

Match start

"Five enemies. 5 for me, none for anyone else."

Match start

"A bunch of Zako want to fight us, they must really want to die."
("Zako" means "minnow".)

Match start on Split

"This neighborhood used to be so much better without this Kingdom shit."

Match start on Icebox

"There are more answers here, I just have to find them."

Match start on Pearl

"An underwater city? Great."

Match start, as Attacker

"Five defenders? Double that, then we'll call it fair."

Match start, as Defender

"If they keep stealing our radianite, I'll have to take it personally."

Match win

"I'm done here."

Match win

"Call me when the world ends again, I'd hate to miss it."

Match win

"I'm leaving now, see you at the next apocalypse."

Match win on Icebox

"Who were you ancestor? Where the hell did you go?"

Interactions voicelines
Round start with allied Astra

"Astra, send the enemies towards me, I am ready."

Commend to allied Breach

"It's impressive what Breach can do when he shuts up for a second."

Kill enemy Breach

"Shut up."

Last kill enemy Breach

"Have fun in hell."

Match start with enemy Breach

"I already hear that Breach running his mouth. Don't tell me you'll punch me, just punch me."

Barrier going down with enemy Brimstone

"Help that old man find his grave."

Kill enemy Brimstone

"Brimstone's dead."

Round start with enemy Brimstone

"Who let that old man out of the nursing home?"

Barrier going down with allied Chamber

"Chamber, back me up."

Match start with enemy Chamber

"Huh. They dragged Chamber out of his corner office. I can smell his cologne from here."

Barrier going down with enemy Cypher

"That Cypher is a dead man."

Kill enemy Cypher

"Killed their Cypher."

Round start with enemy Cypher

"That Cypher thinks he sees everything. I go invisible, idiot. Come get me."

Commend to allied Jett

"You made them look like idiots, Jett. You should do that again."

Match start with allied Jett

"What brand are you knives, Jett? They're not Mammoth? Segreto maybe? I need one for my collection."

Commend to allied Kay/O

"Kay/O, I'm impressed."

Round start with enemy Kay/O

"Their Kay/O kills radiants, huh? We'll see."

Commend to allied Killjoy

"It seems that science shit has some use after all, Killjoy."

Last kill enemy Killjoy

"Class dismissed."

Match start with enemy Killjoy

"There's a Killjoy and her bots. So annoying."

Round start with enemy Killjoy

"That Killjoy's tech is everywhere. We're not at a science fair, get rid of that shit."

Barrier going down with enemy Neon

"Don't let their Neon get around you."

Last kill enemy Neon

"Rest well, Neon. See you in another life."

Round start with allied Neon

"Stick with me Neon, we'll run circles around them."

Barrier going down with allied Omen

"Omen, let's flank them."

Commend to allied Omen

"That was good, Omen. Smile."

Match start with enemy Omen

"The enemy Omen's like me. He'll try to get behind us. Watch your back."

Round start with allied Omen

"Omen, let's teleport and spook those guys."

Chat: Yoru replying to Phoenix

"Fine. But I'll keep score."

Commend to allied Phoenix

"Don't look so smug, Phoenix."

Kill enemy Phoenix